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"So get out your ticket, because they're coming for you!"

- Euphoria Cafe

Newark, NJ

Based out of Newark, NJ

Genre: Rhythm & Blues

Sub Genre: #Nu Disco, #Funk, #Soul, #Hip Hop, #Acid Jazz

JerseySlm Productions
Contact: Mitch Mitchell

We Are


Kiesha "K" Chanel - Vocals

Emmanuel "MandingoMan" Green - Drums

Everett T Ruth - Guitar

Big Chris Reynolds - Bass

Mitch Mitchell - Keys


We (the "3rd & jam") believe every song listening experience (that a band creates) should take you on an impressive and memorable journey of timeless felt auditory pleasure from beginning to end.


The way we achieve this is through the time tested craftsmanship of live band musicianship creativity and recording coming together to form music you’ll want to hear and re-live over and over again.


Of course, through this process great original songs from


the “3rd & jam”


are born.


So, are you ready to experience exceptional music that will embody you to close your eyes and journey to that place where “every musical measure is a source of auditory pleasure”?


Then click on the play tab below and welcome to...


the “3rd & jam”

Upcoming Performances

 Summer 2019 performances in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) 


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the "3rd & jam" LIVE!

the "3rd & jam" LIVE!

the "3rd & jam" LIVE!
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the "3rd & jam" (For the Love of Music Tour Intro)

the "3rd & jam" (For the Love of Music Tour Intro)

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Round & Round (Clip from SCORE'S)

Round & Round (Clip from SCORE'S)

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All Together Now (LIVE)

All Together Now (LIVE)

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"Where every musical measure is a source of auditory pleasure"